Kiwi Lemon

Savor the zing of kiwi and the citrusy kick of lime, a fusion that elevates your refreshment experience.
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Awaken your taste buds with the intense tropical flavor of passion fruit, a symphony of exotic sweetness.
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Dive into the sweetness of ripe strawberries, creating a delightful harmony of taste and nostalgia.
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Premium Ingredients:

We exclusively use high-end sugar and export-quality ingredients, ensuring a superior taste and quality in every Namlet Soft Drink.

European Standard Process:

Our handcrafted sodas are produced through a meticulous European-standard process, adhering to the highest industry benchmarks for quality and craftsmanship.

Oscillated RO Water:

The foundation of our beverages starts with oscillated water sourced through a rigorous Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system. This process guarantees purity and clarity, setting the stage for exceptional drink quality.

Transparency and Precision:

Our making process is characterized by transparency and superlative standards. Every step is visible and adheres to the utmost quality, ensuring that each Namlet Soft Drink is crafted to perfection.


The Codd neck container's enchanted lies in its extraordinary seal and plug framework, guaranteeing each taste of Namlet Sodas is a bubbly pleasure. The marble inside goes about as a characteristic carbonation controller, safeguarding newness and adding a nostalgic touch to the drinking experience. Gladly spanning at various times, Namlet conveys a soft drink insight past assumptions.

What is a Codd Neck Container:

Find the embodiment of our famous jug in the Codd Neck Upset. Named after its innovator Hiram Codd, this antique jug includes an unmistakable marble seal and a pivoted plug system, saving soft drink bundling history and encapsulating Namlet Soda pops' obligation to custom.

Why Codd Neck Soda Drinks?

Picking Codd Neck Soft drink Beverages at Namlet is a purposeful choice for a special and true insight. It brings out sentimentality, jam newness with the marble seal, stands apart with unmistakable show, and lines up with natural cognizance through a reusable plug. It's a deliberate decision mixing history, development, and obligation to a refreshingly unique drink insight.

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